Neal Sheldon Salisbury Fine Art Photography

Newport RI based artist Neal Sheldon Salisbury grew up outside of Boston and best known as a celebrity chef and the author of the book “The Billionaire’s Chef: Cooking for the Rich & Famished.  In 2012, Chef Neal decided to take his serious passion for art and photography to the next level and began to split his time behind the stove with being behind the camera.

“For hundreds of years, thousands of people have come to Newport to live with passion. They come to swim and sail, drink and dance and most of all, to fall in love. We still carry out our lives in the same fashion here: we sleep in the same rooms; roam the same streets and beaches. We still work and play on the same harbor. Newport is an amazing and enduring canvas to live out your dreams.”

A longtime summer resident of the bucolic summer resort community of Newport Rhode Island, Salisbury takes his inspiration from the beauty that surrounds him every day when in residence there.
The history, the natural beauty of the island and it’s people come together in a striking and unique photo collection known as “The Ghosts of Newport”.
It is an ethereal journey through a tiny and blessed community that owns the claim of having the most amounts of America’s castles and colonial homes as well as being known as the Sailing Capitol of the World. Salisbury explores the islands iconic locations as well as many gorgeous locations that are rarely scene by anyone but true Newporters.
The images contain naturally beautiful locals who only wear a white sheet and are stripped of jewelry, emotions and anything that would dictate a specific time period. Salisbury has a unique way of displaying the familiar while exploring the long and rich history of the location.
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